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Canadian Signature Incentive Experiences

More than a place on a map, Canada is a place to explore, connect, celebrate and reward extraordinary results with extraordinary recognition events. Reward your team with the signature Canadian incentive experiences that embrace our natural beauty, get hearts racing with adventure, celebrate Canada’s unique heritage and dynamic and diverse cultures, and go well beyond the ordinary to where only the exceptional live and breathe.

This is our Canada. These are our Canadian Signature Incentive Experiences. Make them yours.

Feel your heart beating in time with the ceremonial drumming of the Coastal Mountain Squamish and Lil’wat People who have inhabited Whistler’s territorial lands for millennia, feel their song pull you in. Above and before you towering longhouse poles, canoes and intricately decorated ceremonial masks. Dancers perform a colourful dance, elders offer a blessing and a warm welcome. This is Whistler’s Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, and the start of a celebration to long be remembered. 

A Canadian folk tradition deeply rooted in Atlantic Canada, the Canadian Kitchen Party is a warm hug of welcome, a song shared amongst newfound friends, a communal meal fresh from the ocean, colourfully illustrated with local characters, storytellers and more.

There’s only one Dan’s Diner: a gourmet dinner served on the Hudson Bay coast, under the Northern Lights. A chef inspired by Hudson’s Bay fur trade transforms this pop up restaurant  into a foodie experience few ever get to savour.  Stories of legendary trailblazers and ingredients foraged from the land and sea chronicle a culinary legacy of Canada’s most northern reaches.

A blanket of snow muffles all sound except the excited yelping of the pack, straining their harness, anxious to get underway. Mushing a sled dog team through a snow-covered Canadian landscape is easily the ride of a lifetime.

The place where it all comes together. People. Place. History. Archives and artistic expression. A landmark architectural site, rising above the St. John’s jelly bean coloured skyline, still in the city’s heart.

There are no chairlifts here. No crowds. Only unspoiled, untracked mountains, glaciers and snow-covered glades and bowls as big as the sky above waiting to be explored. A bucket-list experience if ever there was one, heli-skiing is a thrill a minute adventure.

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Warmly welcoming, Canada delivers incentive rewards with meaning. Recognition events come alive in diverse, cosmopolitan cities brimming with spirit and Canadian hospitality. Top-notch mountain, coastal and spa resorts become adult playgrounds, and some of the best places to say, “thank you.” Off-the-grid, fly-in, fly-out luxury resorts etch indelible memories in the minds of top producers. Discover what Canada can offer your incentive travel winners - explore all the possibilities at Incentive Canada, a by-invitation-only, four day curated event to showcase why now is the time to host your top producers in Canada. Learn more.

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