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canada: A nation of innovators 

Business Events Canada is focused on attracting conference events from across the key economic sectors in which Canada excels. With some $181billion in revenue, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are a key driver of Canada’s economy, and one of Canada’s top priority economic sectors.

Canada has always been a hotbed of ingenuity and tech expertise. From Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone, to advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning, Canada demonstrates its leadership on the global stage. Canada’s dramatic, vast landscape helped fuel a drive for closer connection; the resulting wireless and satellite breakthroughs  drive mobile media, networking, AI and digital technology advancements worldwide.

Convening in Canada opens your team up to a host of new connections. Diverse, collaborative and a world-leader in innovation, Canadian centres of excellence are a natural draw for conferences across the spectrum of tech sub-sectors. From next generation networking to the Internet of Things, from FinTech, to Software as a Service, from Autonomous Vehicles to Cybersecurity, from Robotics to Augmented Reality, the breakthroughs happening in Canada are creating the future. 

As conferences evolve and become more interactive and engaging it makes sense to incorporate the best and the brightest into a meeting’s agenda. For the Information and Communications Technologies sector, those thought-leaders and innovators are in Canada. 



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Economic Impact of Technology in Canada


$181 Billion Annual Revenue


$73 Billion Sector GDP

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39,000 Companies, 594,871 Jobs

Technology Centres of Excellence

Canadian Success Stories


Shopify The Shopify cloud-based e-commerce platform serves 377,500+ businesses across 150 countries and is among Canada’s top R&D spenders.


Fluent.aiFluent AI’s patented voice recognition solution enables natural language interactions with voice-operated systems and works with most languages and accents.


googleGoogle Montréal’s Google Brain AI research lab, led by Hugo Larochelle, is advancing machine intelligence through research, systems engineering and collaboration with other Alphabet teams.



The Microsoft Research Montréal lab—founded in 2015 as Maluuba and acquired by Microsoft in 2017—teaches machines to read, think and communicate like humans.


MILAThe Montréal Institute for Learning Algorithms is working on two major projects: an AI research hub in conjunction with Thales Group’s Paris-based lab, and IBM’s planned AI development lab slated for Montréal.


EAElectronic Arts’ Vancouver office is home to Frostbite, a research division focused on machine learning and neural networks as well as developing highly believable human characters for VR devices.



Hendrix, developed by Edmonton’s Testfire Labs, is a natural language AI assistant that works with most online conferencing platforms to listen to meetings, identify key points and important discussions, and pull it all together into actionable outcomes.


SightlineSightline Innovation is one of Canada’s largest machine learning companies delivering disruptive artificial intelligence-based solutions, and offering Industry 4.0-level capabilities to insurance, health care, manufacturing, agriculture and more.


Clearpath Clearpath Robotics, founded by University of Waterloo alumni, is an industry trailblazer that automates the world’s dullest, dirtiest and deadliest jobs—from load-haul-dump jobs in mining to searching out algae blooms on water.

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The team at Destination Canada Business Events helps global organizations meet with purpose in Canada. Contact our team for:

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  • Recommendations on destinations based on their sector strengths
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  • Recommendations of expert speakers to augment events
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