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Sub-sector Spotlight: Oceans

Bounded by oceans on three sides, Canada's coastline is as vast as it is diverse. With one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, Canada is taking a global lead in developing its “blue economy” in a sustainable way.

Canada’s oceans sector boasts a number of research institutes, including:

  • Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ocean Frontier Institute, Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ocean Networks Canada, Victoria, British Columbia



Victoria, Vancouver, Québec City, Fredericton, Saint John, Halifax, Charlottetown, St. John’s


Success stories:

Ocean Networks Canada, based in Victoria, developed the Neptune and Venus projects, the first regional underwater ocean observatories to connect directly to the internet. Its data is available for analysis and to inform policymakers about anything concerning coastal communities and the health of their ecosystems.


The Port of Quebec, via its Laurentia project, is spending $775M to create the most environmentally and technologically advanced cargo-handling facility in North America. It will be the only inland terminal on the North American continent capable of handling the next generation of large cargo vessels.


Fredericton’s Teledyne CARIS is a world leader in ocean mapping and hydrographic software, specializing in data processing sonar, lidar and other sensor data to develop maps and models of the ocean floor.


Charlottetown’s Aspin Kemp and Associates, which specializes in engineering solutions within the marine industry, developed the world’s first hybrid tugboat propulsion system. 


Sustainable Blue, a company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia has developed a land-based, saltwater grow-out facility, enabling the production of farmed Atlantic salmon throughout the year.