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Ottawa Convention Centre Emergency Preparedness

Meeting Planners put safety and security at the top of their event check-lists. Read how Ottawa’s Shaw Centre is addressing this global concern.


With daily headlines announcing rising global tensions, it’s understandable that some meeting planners are nervous about venturing beyond their own borders. Recognizing that not meeting in person is not an option, Ottawa’s Shaw Centre is taking preventative steps to ensure their global attendees remain safe and secure.

Shaw Centre hosts over 600,000 delegates each year, and being headquartered in the G8 capital of Canada, their leaders keenly understand the importance of emergency preparedness. At the heart of their preparedness plan is team and delegate communication and technology.

The original article, authored by Shaw Centre CEO Nina Kressler, explains how her team plans and prepares for accidents, pandemics, fire, assault, robbery, civil protests and numerous other possibilities. Key take-aways include Shaw Centre appointing one person to take charge overall of safety and security at Shaw Centre. They are supported in this role by a Safety and Security Committee composed of colleagues of all levels which drives effectiveness and efficiency in discussion topics and follow-up on implementation by all departments. 

Key areas of focus include:

  • Effective Communication (before, during and after an emergency);
  • Teamwork (to plan or to react to emergency situations in a coordinated way);
  • Problem Solving (to accurately evaluate the emergency, identify solutions to respond and counteract the situation);
  • Initiative (taking responsibility on a daily basis as well as articulating own ideas and visions);
  • Learning (using a range of learning media including mentoring, peer support and networking, IT and courses); and
  • Technology (utilizing a variety of communication and emergency technologies).

You can find the detailed original article here.