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The era of safety: Why Montréal is Canada’s cybersecurity headquarters

Cybersecurity and the control over access to information has never been more important than it is today, especially with the rise of remote work and increased connectivity. To meet the increasing demand for products and solutions that protect organizations against security threats, a wealth of new companies are emerging in the cybersecurity field. 

When searching for innovative cities to set up shop, one city often comes out on top: Montréal. The cosmopolitan city of approximately 1.7 million people is often considered one of the best places in the world to set up a business in the sector and is earning the reputation of being a global cybersecurity hub. Here’s why. 


A major player 

There are a number of factors that contribute to Montréal being the cybersecurity headquarters of Canada. For one, the city already has a high concentration of companies and experts in the space. There are more than 5,240 IT businesses, 107,500 IT jobs and over 17,000 cybersecurity experts in Montréal — making it a truly vibrant environment for cybersecurity businesses. 

What’s more, as Canada’s university capital, Montréal has a variety of educational institutions and specialized training programs dedicated to training the next generation of experts in the space. In fact, several Montréal universities have created programs to meet the growing demand for digital security specialists — which is providing a steady stream of highly skilled talent in the sector. Many world-renowned researchers in cybersecurity — including Mourad Debbabi, Benoît Dupont José Fernandez and Gabriela Nicolescu — also call Montréal home, giving companies the chance to learn from the brightest minds in the field.  

Additionally, Montréal has an incredibly supportive business environment for cybersecurity companies, with the most competitive operating cost in North America for software development, as well as advantageous tax credits. Combine all of these factors, and you get the ideal launch pad for companies in the cybersecurity sector. 


A place to meet 

As Montréal leads the way in the world of cybersecurity, many organizations and conference planners look to the city when searching for a destination to host their cybersecurity events. 

By choosing Montréal, their delegates have the chance to connect with the community, meet renowned keynote experts, attend field trips to see what local experts are working on, exchange knowledge and establish new business connections.    

We call that 'meeting with purpose', pointing out that Montréal is poised to show off its booming cybersecurity ecosystem and the visionary leaders who are creating a safer future. 

Mylène Gagnon, vice president of sales and convention services at Tourisme Montréal

An exceptional city 

In addition to its expertise and thought leaders, delegates are inspired by Montréal’s dynamic cultural scene. The city has world-class restaurants that serve cuisines from across the globe, a vibrant nightlife, an abundance of museums and year-round festivals — not to mention a joie de vivre that ensures attendees receive a warm welcome. 

Connected to the world  

The newly revamped Montréal-Trudeau airport offers direct flights to over 150 global destinations, plus the city is less than a three-hour flight to major American cities like New York, Washington, Chicago and Atlanta. Montréal’s vibrant downtown is home to the Palais des congrès Convention Centre, which is within walking distance of 16,000 hotel rooms, 4,000 of which are directly connected to the Palais.   

And knowing that it is important that delegates feel their safety is top of mind at every touchpoint, Tourisme Montréal has developed "720° Safety Protocol.” Everything — from taxis to hotels to the venue itself — has been double-checked for cleanliness and safety. 


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