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Why Canada for ICT Conferences

Why Choose Canada for Your Next ICT Conference?

The enormity of Canada’s geography has always fuelled our drive for closer connection. The resulting satellite, cable and wireless network technologies first developed here are the basis for today’s tech advancements worldwide. When you consider that the Toronto-Waterloo corridor is the third largest tech cluster in North America, that the fathers of Artificial Intelligence make Canada their home for research and development, and that Canada boasts the fourth largest cybersecurity hub in the world, and second most global software companies; well you begin to see why Canada holds a solid first place in global ICT.

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Canada’s Strengths

There’s a reason the world’s leading tech giants are setting up shop in Canada. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform have all found a combination of the right talent and a thriving business environment to foster innovation.

Canada’s been at the forefront of Ai R&D for more than 30 years. Trailblazers like Montreal’s Element Ai, and Toronto’s Vector Institute are a magnet for the world’s top talent in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and more. Québec’s AI share of a $950 million supercluster bolsters Canada’s leadership in data science, Ai and supply chain industries that fuel economic growth. CleanTech, Digital media, SaaS, and business intelligence lead Vancouver’s tech scene, while in Ottawa, Canada’s expertise in legacy network technologies informs development of the next generation, 5G network. Researchers in Waterloo and Toronto are leading the AutoDrive Challenge to produce a fully autonomous vehicle by 2020, while nearby Shopify, is busy reshaping the world’s retail landscape.  Winnipeg’s, contribution to the digital economic revolution includes data collection platforms, machine learning technologies and robotics, while in Edmonton, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute researchers are accelerating innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

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Local Expertise to Augment Agendas

The architects of the Canadian tech revolution live, work and conduct their research here, providing a deep pool of local expertise and speakers to augment any conference agenda. Home to some of the brightest minds in computer, network, and Ai sciences, Canada’s post-secondary institutions fuel a pipeline of talent for tech ecosystems worldwide.

A Culture of Collaboration

Meeting in Canada opens organizations up to a whole world of new connections. The purposeful collaboration that is a hallmark of Canadian culture helps leaders from a spectrum of industries connect and collectively reshape the future of information and communications technologies.

Alluring Urban Centres

Let’s face it, the destination is almost as important as the agenda when delegates decided to attend a conference. With ICT centres of excellence in Canada’s most alluring destinations, it’s easy to choose to meet here where genuine hospitality is a Canadian calling card.

Infographic, Canada on the world stage