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Ottawa for Life Sciences Conferences

A Capital Choice for International Society of Paediatric Oncology and other life sciences conferences

A hub for discovery, development and commercialization in the Life Sciences sector, Ottawa’s proximity to federal government bodies and world-class research partners make it an ideal location for innovation. With 35 research chairs, 20+ research institutions, 10 major hospitals, and 140 innovative life sciences businesses, it also home to some of Canada’s top talent, and a natural draw for conferences in the Life Sciences sector.

“The nation’s capital is a global leader in the Life Sciences sector, offering access to world-class hospitals, research centres and federal government departments directly responsible for health regulation, protection and promotion,” says Nina Kressler, president and CEO of Ottawa’s Shaw Centre.

Indeed, with world-leading research being done in stem cell therapies, nerve transfer, and a double-virus therapy for cancer, organizers of events such as the International Mesothelioma Interest Group and have taken note, having hosted their global conference here in 2018, while the International Society of Paediatric Oncology is planning their annual conference in Ottawa in 2020.

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Five of the city’s 10 hospitals are on Canada’s top 40 Research Hospitals list, yielding a combined investment in research of $185 million in 2015. What’s more, Ottawa is home to the Canadian Stroke Network, the Stem Cell Network and BioCanR, a research centre for cancer treatment. The Canadian Heart Institute is recognized in the top 3% of heart health research institutes worldwide. Combined, the city’s leadership in lends a deep level of local expertise to any conference agenda focused on these disciplines.

Canada’s proficiency in nuclear medicine helped draw the 11th International Symposium on Targeted Alpha Treatments to Ottawa in 2019. The event, which explores the latest developments in preclinical studies and clinical experiences in radiochemistry is an opportunity for some 300 delegates to network and learn from industry leaders and to tour the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. When not attending the formal education sessions of the Symposium and Clinical Day, delegates reap the cultural benefits of meeting in Ottawa with a program that includes an opening night reception at Canada’s Museum of Natural History and a closing gala at the National Gallery of Canada.

For organizers seeking a well-rounded, easy-to-access, and culturally dynamic location to meet, Ottawa checks many boxes.

“When you step back to look at the depth of talent Ottawa has, the local resources that can support your conference programming, and the wealth of cultural experiences within walking distance of most downtown hotels and the Shaw Centre, it’s easy for international organizations to choose to meet in Ottawa,” says Virginie de Visscher, director of business development, economic sectors for Business Events Canada.

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