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Montréal’s Aerospace Industry

Flying High — Montréal’s Aerospace Industry

Montréal flies above all others in the international aerospace industry as one of the few cities where all elements required to build an aircraft are available within a 30-kilometre radius of the city. Tip to tail! The global headquarters for Bombardier, and Canadian hub of Bell Helicopter Textron, CAE, Pratt & Whitney and more than 200 specialized companies, Montréal is an indispensable part of the world’s top trio of preeminent aerospace cities, alongside Seattle and Toulouse. An active, groundbreaking hub of research, advancement, and construction, Montréal is a prime location for conferences and events in the aerospace sector.


From Drawing Board to All-Aboard

Montréal’s aerospace interests are wide and varied, from invention to maintenance. The manufacturing sector offers active production of business and commercial aircraft, helicopters, landing gear, and engines. R&D activities in Montréal include trendsetting avionics and leading-edge flight simulators. In addition to forging the way in new technological advances, Montréal also keeps pre-existing aircraft air borne as a primary international centre of maintenance and repair.

Montréal’s Aerospace Sector, at a Glance*

  • 39,130 jobs in 205 companies
  • Sales of $15.5 billion: an average annual growth of 5.2% over the last 25 years (1991-2016)
  • 45% of Canadian aerospace workforce
  • 70% of all Canadian aerospace R&D
  • 52% of Canadian aerospace industry sales
  • Around 80% of all Quebec aerospace production is exported outside Canada

Research and Development

Québec is home to over 205 cutting-edge aerospace companies whose operations run the gamut from initial conception to manufacture. Home to 10 of the world’s major aerospace research centres, Montréal employs more than 13,000 specialized scientists and engineers. The city also hosts some of the world’s most important aerospace organizations, whose collective strategies keep the sector in the air.

Global Aerospace Summit

Furthering Montréal’s space at the helm of research, innovation and industry development, Montréal’s Global Aerospace Summit in May brought together scientists and experts from partner regions to present technical innovations and the current status of their countries’ research in aerospace. Partner regions include Bavaria (Germany), São Paulo (Brazil), Shandong (China), Upper Austria, Georgia (United States), the Western Cape (South Africa) and Québec (Canada).

A centuries-old island city with a dual personality, Montréal is where old-world charms meets high tech innovation, and French meets English — seamlessly. Learn more about what Montréal can off your next meeting or event.

*source: Montréal International