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World Marine Biodiversity Conference - Montréal

Montréal Welcomes 4th Annual World Conference on Marine Biodiversity

Surrounded by three oceans, Canada is a natural location for global meetings focused on marine science, which is why,  on May 13 -16, 2018, Montréal plays host to the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, a meeting of world experts focused on conservation, research and sustainability. 



Where Policy Makers and Scientists Connect

Over the course of four days at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, the WCMB2018 aims to put scientists in direct contact with policy and decision makers, industry and NGOs to develop sustainable development and protectionary measures. Within the conference’s 5-point objectives, the WCMB2018’s idea exchange aims squarely at increasing awareness of marine biodiversity. Proposed themes ranging from Blue Biotechnology to the Human Element play a part in the central theme of Connecting with the Living Ocean. 

Keynote Experts At The Forefront Of Marine Biodiversity

Chaired by Philippe Archambault of Université Laval, WCMB2018 brings together some of the world’s foremost marine experts for presentations and an inspiring trio of keynote talks, including:

Professor Emma Johnston - An international authority in marine ecology, working on major projects with government, the Australian Antarctic Science Program and industry. Her award-winning work investigates the ecology of human impacts in marine systems. 

Dr. Linwood Pendleton - Global Oceans Lead Scientist at the World Wildlife Fund integrates science and research into marine conservation initiatives and strategy.

Dr. Amanda Bates - Dr. Bates’ marine research has run the gamut from investigating how environmental variability influences the abilities of animals to cope with temperature stress to hydrothermal vents and the marine systems at the North and South Poles.


In addition to sessions dedicated to marine biodiversity, climate change, and conservation, the program agenda also includes Soirée Saint-Laurent, a festive and artistic event to which scientists, river enthusiasts, distinguished guests and the general public are invited.