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Montréal Comes into its Own

A Powerhouse of AI Ingenuity, Montréal Comes into its Own

One of the world’s top destinations for international conferences, Montréal has long been recognized as a global hub of innovation for Artificial Intelligence. Home to MILA, the Montréal Institute of Learning Algorithms (where the heavy lifting of R&D takes place), Montréal leads Canada and the world in the AI revolution. We’re not the only ones who say so: WIRED magazine recently acclaimed the city as the world’s AI startup powerhouse. Accelerating the city’s growth in AI are a whole host of achievements, including:

October 2018 | Optina Diagnostics Inc, raised $4-million in funding to scale up research into early Alzheimer’s detection through the use of AI

October 2018 | Facebook’s AI lab headed by Joëlle Pineau explained how a machine can create a recipe from a photograph of the québécoise delicacy Tourtière

October 2018 | AI technology capable of predicting cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s Disease could be available within 5 years thanks to researchers at McGill University

September 2018 | Montréal’s Aifred aims to help those suffering with depression with its AI-driven clinical decision tool that can predict treatment efficacy, track progress and provide electronic records for patients

September 2018 | With AI, Semeon Analytics can decipher feelings behind tweets

September 2018 | Montréal teens develop Artificial Intelligence #VisAbility Cane for the visually impaired

August 2018 | Brain Mining Lab researcher Alicia Heraz has trained an algorithm to recognize emotions from anger and fear to laughter and love simply through the way we use touchscreens

August 2018 | Concordia University unveiled the first geonome lab in Canada where “robots do biology”

August 2018 | The Bonjour-Santé clinic appointment booking system introduced a time-saving method that could save up to 6.5 million hours of patient time per year

July 2018 | Local startup Nectar uses AI to monitor hive health and keep bees healthy

July 2018 | A team of over 40 researchers committed to a project aimed at improving access to justice

July 2018 | Researchers at McGill developed brain ‘fingerprints’, using AI technology and computational brain modelling to predict drug effectiveness

 June 2018 | Montréal hospitals use AI screening tools to detect eye disease in diabetes patients

May 2018 | Motorleaf, an AI system to predict greenhouse yields both large and small, raised $3.6 million in seed money

May 2018 | Joëlle Pineau awarded NSERC’s Steacie Memorial Fellowship for their use of AI to improve the treatment of cancer and heart disease

March 2018 | IMAGIA received $3-million towards research and development in the use of AI applied to Oncology

August 2017 | Montréal’s Neuro and AI community at the heart of world ‘Open Science’ movement

August 2017 | McGill researchers develop AI capable of predicting dementia before the onset of symptoms

July 2017 | Researchers at McGill use AI to detect long-term concussion in athletes

February 2017 |, working with the City of Montréal, is developing AI monitoring systems to locate less-healthy trees in need of maintenance or replacement

Is it no wonder then, that the world’s greatest minds choose to convene in Montréal? After all, this is where the thought-leaders and innovators are – two key groups who can aid in attracting delegates, growing membership, and enhancing conference programming.