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Incentive Canada

Incentive Canada Will Have Planners Falling for Canada

Business events may help drive innovation and collaboration, but it’s the niche, lux incentive travel market that will make top corporate achievers fall head over heels for Canada. That’s the aim, at least, for the 8th annual Incentive Canada Marketplace, a four-day event hosted by Business Events Canada, to connect pre-qualified international incentive travel buyers with the signature experiences that makes Canada an incentive reward worth working for.

Creating an immersive, educational, and memorable incentive experience for planners is at the heart of the Incentive Canada strategy. Kicking off July 23, 2020 Incentive Canada will contrast the exquisite coastal beauty of Nova Scotia's Northumberland Strait and the dynamic urban energy of Halifax.  Active adventures, gourmet meals, urban excursions and B2B marketplace presentations provide plenty of opportunities for buyers to forge relationships with Canada’s leading incentive destination and experience providers, and find sparks of inspiration for upcoming programs.


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“In the past, we’ve shown incentive buyers what their top achievers can “do” in Canada, but our goal for this year is to create a deep connection between Canada and our customers. These two uniquely Canadian incentive locations feature out-of-the-box, yet remarkable experiences that incentive planners want to offer their top performers,” says Chantal Sturk-Nadeau, executive director of Destination Canada’s Business Events Canada team.

With its beautiful landscapes, and safe, welcoming culture, affordable Canada may not always be top of mind when it comes to choosing an incentive destination. For those who have experienced champagne receptions atop a glacier near Whistler, scenic floatplane arrivals to private galas, polar bears and orcas in their natural habitat, or the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky, they know; Canada leaves an indelible impression on those who travel here.

“Canada is well-known for its dramatic scenery, its wildlife and its friendly, open culture,” says Sturk-Nadeau. “We want guests of Incentive Canada to return home with a newfound love for Canada and what we can offer their incentive winners.” 


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Key to that strategy will be showcasing destinations like Whistler, Québec City, Banff, Lake Louise, Vancouver and Montréal, and the lesser-known, but equally rewarding locations like Churchill, one of best places to see polar bears in the wild, or Canada’s Northwest Territories where incentive winners can wonder at the Aurora Borealis dancing across the night sky. Incentive Canada introduces planners to lux resorts like North America’s only Kur-spa, Sparkling Hill Resort, or eco-lux safari camp Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, and equally impressive wildlife & trophy fishing resort, Sonora Resort. Learning about iceberg-watching off the coast of Newfoundland, is but one of the uniquely Canadian incentive experiences planners may hear about for the first time during Incentive Canada.

In addition to a curated VIP experience, guests of Incentive Canada will participate in B2B exchanges with destination and DMC experts, and indulge in one-of-a kind culinary and entertainment experiences showcasing Canadian gastronomy and culture after each active day of learning. Qualified guests will be provided with roundtrip air transportation to Halifax, lux accommodations, and opportunities to extend their stay to explore Canada's maritime region at their leisure.