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High Tech, High Touch Meetings

A Centre of Excellence for Cybersecurity, Fredericton Specializes in High Tech, High Touch Conferences

There’s a reason the Globe & Mail named Fredericton one of the Five Top Technology Boomtowns, the Intelligence Community Forum listed it as One of the World’s Seven Smartest Cities and FDI Magazine listed it as the number one Micro City in North America. This picturesque, riverside city in Atlantic Canada has Information & Communications Technologies (ICT), and specifically, its standing as Canada’s foremost cybersecurity hub to thank for the acclaim.

“Fredericton is being recognized internationally as a hub for cybersecurity excellence,” said deputy premier Stephen Horsman. “Strategic investments and partnerships between the federal and provincial governments in high-growth sectors like cybersecurity show the government’s commitment to bringing innovation and growth to our province.”

Home to the Canadian Institute of Cybersecurity

Fredericton’s cybersecurity ecosystem is well established; the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Computer Sciences houses the Canadian Institute of Cybersecurity, the heart of education and research in this field. Local start-ups, and multinational organizations such as Microsoft, Siemens, Global Intelligence and others headquartered here are developing leading-edge solutions to some of today’s greatest online security threats. Projected to be the fastest growing segment of ICT sector in the next 20 years, the work being done in Fredericton will set the standard for cybersecurity around the globe. One such solution: Cyberessentials, a cybersecurity standard that organizations can be assessed and certified against, was developed here.

As part of the ongoing effort to increase New Brunswick’s reputation as a leader in the field of cybersecurity, a new Cybersecurity Innovation Centre is being established in Fredericton to increase opportunities for collaboration in R&D and skills development in cybersecurity, and to foster connections and partnerships between government, academia and industry.

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Host City of the Annual Cybersmart Summit

Industry, academic and government leadership factor into Fredericton playing host to the annual Cybersmart Summit. The two-day event welcomes security experts from across North America and around the world to explore the issues facing online businesses and governments, including the need to create the cybersecurity workforce of the future, discussions surrounding international cyber readiness of business and governments. Hosted at the Fredericton Convention Centre, the event is a showcase for the work being done by the Canadian Institute of Cybersecurity and an opportunity for collaboration between industry, academia and governments.

Expertise in cybersecurity is only one reason ICT organizations choose to meet in Fredericton. This innovation-fuelled capital city evokes a small-town vibe, where collaboration is a natural part of doing business. With a 36,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art convention centre, some 2,000 guestrooms and dedicated local industry champions, it’s easy to choose Fredericton for high touch, high tech conferences.

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