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Calgary Advanced Industries Champion Conferences

Calgary’s Advance Industries help Champion International Conference Bookings

Calgary has always been a city of innovators and entrepreneurs. As leaders in Canada’s Natural Resources, Clean Tech and Agriculture sectors, the city was one of the first in Canada to tap into their advanced industries to boost international conference bookings. By leveraging local champions and their global connections, Calgary delivers heightened intellectual capital, local and national programming and networking business opportunities to global organizations who book their conventions here.

Collaboration Delivers

Working in partnership with Calgary Economic Development and incorporating local influencers from across industry and academia into their bid response,  Meetings + Conventions Calgary gains a foot up on their global competition.

“It’s not just about a conference. It’s about how we work together as a community. This is a city where we can make things happen. We can call partners and they will sign up immediately and jump on board whole-heartedly,“ says Jackie Sieppert, Dean of the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, the Calgary Champion for 2020 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development.

Craig Stokke, the co-chair of the 2025 Rotary International Convention agrees, “This was truly a collaborative effort on behalf of our whole community. The Rotary International Site Inspection Team could not help but feel the passion and investment Rotary has had in Calgary since we first hosted one of our most popular conventions in 1996.”

Calgary currently has over 80 Calgary Champions in the public, private and academic sectors, and they’re as diverse as Calgary’s economy with expertise in everything from energy and agriculture to social work. Notable conferences which have met or will soon meet in Calgary thanks to the Calgary Champions program include:

  • Women Chefs and Restauranteurs Conference, 2015 and 2017
  • International Congress on the Biology of Fish – 2018
  • International Association of Women Police – 2018
  • International Society of Biomechanics Congress – 2019
  • Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development – 2020
  • Rotary International Convention - 2025

Beyond providing potential speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and research groups, local champions help fuel Calgary’s economic development beyond the conference dates by delivering potential investors, business partners, a skilled workforce, and return leisure travellers to Calgary and its surrounding region.

Learn more about meeting in Calgary, or about Calgary’s Champions program.