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AMCI Partnership

Canadian Partners Enter Final Year of Joint Marketing Agreement with AMC Institute

Business Events Canada has entered year three of a three-year partnership marketing agreement with AMC Institute (AMCI), the premier global organization representing association management companies, to build value for AMCI members and audiences, while promoting Canada’s leading economic strengths and the advantages of hosting business events in Canada.

Business Events Canada, along with their Canadian destination strategic partners – Business Events VictoriaTourism VancouverMeetings + Conventions Calgary, Tourism Toronto, Ottawa Tourism, and  Tourisme Montréal, is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of education and leadership within the Cleantech, Life Sciences, Infrastructure & Engineering, Natural Resources, and Information & Communication Technology sectors.

“Canada is leading the way in connecting the educational content of association meetings with the selection of ideal host destinations, resulting in more enriching experiences for meeting attendees,” says Tina Wehmeir, CEO, AMCI. Aligning with Business Events Canada, “solidifies our commitment to providing a collaborative platform for innovative approaches in association management,” says Tina.

In Canada, knowledge transfers across businesses to harness emerging technologies, the same holds true for global business events. “When organizations meet in Canada, they not only experience world-class destinations, state-of-the-art conference facilities, and culturally dynamic events and activities, but they are able to leverage Canada’s intellectual capital to create engaging, immersive learning and professional networking experiences for their delegates,” says Kyla Knudson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Business Events Canada. “With this partnership, Business Events Canada and the AMCI membership mutually benefit by exchanging innovative solutions, exploring first-hand the potential advantages of hosting business meetings in destinations that lead Canada’s innovation industries.

About the AMC Institute
Located in Alexandria, Virginia, AMC Institute (AMCI) is the leading organization advancing professionalism and high performance standards for the association management company industry globally. AMCI member companies manage 1,800 associations full-time around the world, and nearly 900 on a project basis.