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Vancouver Green Meetings

Taking Sustainable Meetings to Heart in Vancouver

Canada is one big country. Our impact on the environment doesn’t have to be; especially when it comes to hosting global conferences. No longer a trend — sustainably-run conferences have become an expected practice. And when organizations are choosing a host destination for their business events, they need only look to Vancouver, a leader in Canada’s Cleantech sector, for best practice ways to host a sustainable event.


Minimize Transportation

Vancouver is a compact, walkable city whose convention centre is within easy walking distance of 13,000 hotel rooms, landmark attractions, restaurants and pre- and post-meeting venues so attendees can feasibly forgo driving for the duration of the conference.

Shred the Paper

Consider creating an event app instead of printing paper guides and maps. Apps are easy to design, and provide real-time updates for attendees, tracking social media coverage, and engaging delegates in ongoing dialogue.


Vancouver Convention Centre


LEED certification? Naturally!

Vancouver’s green economy umbrella encourages sustainable, ecologically-friendly development. Here, venues take pains to achieve eco-certification, which helps to support the city's mandate of becoming the world's greenest by 2020. The city has 49 Green Key-certified hotels, and the Vancouver Convention Centre reigns supreme as the world's first double LEED Platinum-certified convention centre, with a 6-acre living roof, a seawater heating and cooling system, and a restored marine habitat built into its foundation.

Leave the community better than it was when you arrived

Sustainability isn't just about greening the earth -- it also encompasses corporate social responsibility (CSR). Carving out time during your conference to address social and global challenges not only benefits the community hosting your event, but also strengthens the host organization's reputation.